Vidyasagar College

Vision Mission


The genesis of Vidyasagar College is a momentous and happy event in the National history of India, as its parturition midwifed by none other than Pundit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar – the torch bearer of Indian Renaissance, took place in 1872 in the form of the Metropolitan Institution.

In this backdrop he set out to form a college that was to run by the natives, with no help from the ruling British in shape or form. In fact, this college is the first one in India under the British yoke to be run entirely indigenously – the first attempt to free ourselves, in thought and practice, the first cry of freedom.

In accordance with the ideals set by Pundit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and following the motto of knowledge, sacrifice and service, the college aims to provide the best education possible to students coming from diverse backgrounds. As the founder sought to promote higher education as a part of his philanthropic social reform program, the college continues to make available special welfare and aid to backward and deprived sections of the society. It seeks to provide an environment of learning which is beyond the boundaries of caste, religion and gender. The students are exposed to diverse fields of knowledge and exposed to structured learning through the college curriculum. They are offered guidance and suggestions to help them solve problems and encouraged to acquire high academic standards. They are made aware of their moral responsibilities in a fast changing multicultural world, and strengthened to surmount the evils of irrationality and intolerance.


The foremost mission of Pundit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was to establish a completely national education institution in the growing metropolis of the then Calcutta. It was Vidyasagar who was able to unite the western inquisitiveness and religious search for perfection in the realm of knowledge, with the tenderness and sympathetic warmth of the Indian heart.

Situated in a place, well connected transport-wise, the college as a flourishing centre of learning, draws in students from the suburbs and far flung districts of West Bengal. Keeping in mind the rich and varied past the college hopes to inculcate among students, year after year, values of generosity and warm fellow feeling and finally to create a programme of actual human resource development, deploying social justice and ensuring equity to foster competences amongst students. It has a mission to support, all its teaching-learning programmes by values of traditional, eternal and ethical thoughts. It caters its human and other resources to the backward and the underprivileged communities as well as advantaged regions.

The mission is also communicated to the students through prospectus and the first day-lecture delivered by the Principal, Head of the Department and other teachers during the “routine dictation procedure'.

Teachers, staff and other stakeholders are made aware regarding the mission through cultural programmes, college publications, prospectus, journals.

It was the crystallization of the vision of a visionary who believed that the education in our dependent country ought to be directed for the benevolence of the common underprivileged people.

It intends to provide a platform where during the most formative years of their lives students may learn to expound, argue and assess all social, economic, cultural and environmental issues before them. The college endeavours to produce skilled professionals who can engage in the task of improving the world around them socially and economically.

The mission of the institution today is to enhance higher education, creating a dynamic environment through implementation of higher technology delivered educational opportunity in collaboration with private, public and semi-public organizations and to create a well-balanced programme of actual human resource development, deploying social justice and ensuring equal opportunities among students promote sports and other community services so that the students remain healthy and hearty, understand the need of the society and come out a good citizen.


To provide

  • Opportunity to nurture hidden talents of the students and help them to evolve into gifted individuals

  • Encouragement to the students to participate in projects, competition, excursion, social work, awareness drives and self-development sessions

  • Grooming ground for future citizens

  • Online tests to prepare for success in competitive examinations

  • Smart classrooms as a knowledge centre that disseminates education to inspire the students

  • Innovative teaching programmes for the students to blossom into natural leaders in life

  • Infusion of sportsmanship in the students stimulated by national icons

  • Smart boards, libraries, computer labs, and research rooms

  • Promote extra curricular, sports and community services.

  • Gymnasium and yoga for body building under the supervision of physical instructor

  • Platform to inculcate careers in film study under Cine-club

  • Learner centric Wi-Fi access for all