Vidyasagar College

Library Services

  1. Library hours from Monday to Friday are from11am to 5pm and 11am to 2pm on Saturday.The Library has the Reading Room facility for the students. More than 40 students can use the reading room at a time.

  2. There is separate reading space for the teachers.

  3. Honours' students are allowed to borrow 3 books from the central library and 1 book from their departmental library while pass students can borrow 2 books from central library at a time.

  4. Lending service beyond clearance is given against caution deposit of Rs.50/- only.

  5. Reference service and referral services are available for the user.

  6. Library management software has been in use for long time; this provides OPAC facility and locates transaction records easily.

  7. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) through intranet is very helpful for finding out the required books & digitisation of the library is in progress.

  8. Online journals and e-books through N-List are accessible for all users.

  9. The library provides computer access for Internet surfing/ journal download.

  10. Reprographic services are available on demand within the limit of copyright act.

  11. Scanning service is provided to users on demand.

  12. Departmental Libraries have already been implemented in each and every department.

  13. The User education program is available through library website and personal/ group interaction/PPT.

  14. The library provides personal care to those users who are preparing for any projects or seminars.

  15. The library provides support and career oriented guidance for those preparing for the NET, SET or competitive examinations.

  16. The library subscribes to hard copy journals related to competitive examinations. It also provides job information to the 3rd year students or to any interested student.

  17. The library blog is being used for last 5 years and users are allowed to post demand lists for new books, journals.

  18. Services provided through the library blog can be learnt from the librarians upon enquiry.

  19. Student's grievances are solved by the librarian.

  20. The detailed library webpage helps to know the new users.

  21. The digital repository of the library contains previous year question papers and syllabus.

  22. As recommended by the concerned departmental teachers the library purchases of new books

  23. It provides reading lists to the users as prescribed by the teachers.

  24. It provides maintenance of an archive (Bhagabati Devi Archive) which contains valuable history of our past.

  25. It updates library rules & regulations that help the library to run without any hindrance.

  26. The constitution of the library is the foundation of this well maintained library.

  27. The Library Committee comprising the principal, teachers and librarians help to make the library an important part of the student's college life and ensures overall progress.

  28. Research scholars are permitted to use the library.

Any member of the community may use the library only for reference purposes.