Vidyasagar College


The University records show that during thirties, there were provisions for various scholarship, prizes, stipends and free studentships. The C.U. documents stare that so far the Vidyasagar College is concerned "The first award of Scholarship was made with reference to the result of the examination of 1898." The C. U. documents listed the names of those students who obtained the aforesaid Scholarships :

Vidyasagar Senior Scholarship

Sri Purnendu Chkrabarty (1898) and Sri Kshirod Chandra Das (1898)

Vidyasagar Junior Scholarship

Sri Iahnavi Charan Bhowmik (1898)

The documents state, that "Vidyasagar Senior Scholarships were one of Rs. 30/- and the other Rs. 25/- per rnensem, tenable for one year" and Vidyasagar Junior Scholarships were "of Rs. 10/- each" Six annual Cricket prizes called the "Hardinge Prizes" had been instituted with the sanction of Lord Hardinge (1'"4), formerly Viceroy and Governor General of India, "two in each department of the Game, in commemoration of the His Excellency's visit to one of the College messes." One annual prize of Rs. 10/- was awarded to the best debater and another prize of even value was awarded to the essay-writer.

The status of other scholarships and free-studentships were as follows:

  1. Best Honours Student in the Third Year B.A.
  2. Best Honours Student in the Third Year B.Sc.
  3. Best I.A. Student of the First Year Class
  4. Best I.Sc. Student in the First Year Class

All the scholarships were tenable for two years.

Two stipends amouting to Rs. 5/- each, per mensem and five such of the value of Rs. 3/- per mcnsern each, tenable for two years were awarded to meritorious students who must be poor. Not more than six free-studentships were annually granted by the Principal to poor as well as meritorious students.

Ten free srudentships were annually awarded by Babu Pyarimohan Banerjee, grandson of Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, The Governing Body could, however, extend some other free-studentship and half-free-studentship to poor but meritorious students.