Vidyasagar College

About the Library

The auspicious inception

Vidyasagar College has been a unique institute of higher education, conceived, established and managed by Indians only during the height of British rule in India. Its object was to impart higher education to Indian students, and inculcate in theme of patriotic outlook. It also sought to make higher education affordable to the economically weaker students.

Because of these noble objectives, Vidyasagar College became the cradle of the national freedom movement. A galaxy of eminent sons of India was associated with this institute either as committee members or teachers or as students.

It is a matter of unique distinction for Vidyasagar College that four undergraduate colleges, namely, Seuri Vidyasagar college, Nabadwip Vidyasagar college, Vidyasagar college for Women and Vidyasagar Evening college have taken their origin from this college. It is also worth mentioning that the Dawn Society, which was established in 1902, from which The Jadavpur University developed subsequently, operated from this college building.


  • 1872 Vidyasagar College Library was established. It started functioning in the main building which is at present our Geography Department at 39 Sankar Ghosh Lane Campus.

  • 1926 After construction of Vidyasagar Hall (Hostel Building at 8, Cornwallis Street; at present 17, BidhanSarani Campus) libarary & common room was shifted to its first floor. The library & common room used to remain open from 10-45 A.M. to 9 P.M. on all working days. At that time there was almost 80 seating capacity in the reading room.

  • 1872 Metropolitan Institute got affiliation to the C.U for First Arts (F.A.)

  • 1879 Metropolitan Institute got affiliation to the C.U for Graduation

  • 1882 Metropolitan Institute got affiliation to the C.U for B.L. Course

  • 1917 Metropolitan Institute was renamed as Vidyasagar College.


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Know your library

Duration :

Normal College hours on all working days except Saturdays & holidays.

Criteria for membership :

All regular students of this College are eligible for the membership.

How to be a member :

Regular students may get their Library Cards at the time of admission but they have to get it signed by the Librarian, on production of the acknowledgement card along with money receipt at the library, from 11-30 a.m. to 1-30 p.m. on all working days except Saturday.

Duration of membership :

For a session only. Students must renew/ acquire their library cards for the next academic session, as they have to surrender their cards & borrowed books at the time of form fillup prior to University Exam (Library Clearance is mandatory).

Rules & Regulations

  1. Every honours student may borrow 3 books at a time

  2. Pass/ General Students may borrow 2 books at a timecard

  3. For both cases they may retain the books for maximum 30 days

  4. Overdue charges beyond the stipulated time period may be imposed according the library rules.

  5. Books are issued against requisition slip, duly filled up by the students themselves between 11-30 a.m. and 1-30 p.m. & they have to borrow it on the same day between 3 p.m. and 4-30 p.m.

  6. Students are allowed to go near the closed almirah for the purpose of book selection. Manual & computerized catalogues are also there for this purpose.

  7. Please ensure the content of a document before borrowing it, as a borrowed book may not be taken back before stipulated time.

  8. Students are allowed to choose any documents for their reference work, but they must retain it for minimum 45 minutes.

  9. Reference books are not allowed to borrow or students are not allowed to leave the reference desk with these books in any case.

  10. Students are bound to replace the book in case of loss or damage.

  11. Some rare marked books (specially the costly books/ multi-volume books/ dictionary/ encyclopaedia, etc.) are there in the almirah& these are generally meant for reference purpose only.

  12. Any damage of set ups in the library and tearing or mutilation of a book will attract a handsome penalty.

Archive (Bhagabati Devi Archive)

Vidyasagar College have lots of rare collections in its possession & we are very proud to open it for the visit of research scholars and our students.

Treasure of this Library

  1. PrabasiPatrika- one of the old magazine in Bengali

  2. Royal Economic Society, London; published Journals

  3. First University Calendar 1858-1859, C.U. which shows that Bankim Chandra had passed the B.A. Exam in 2nd Division and many other documents, probably available in this library only and others